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Take a deep breath, let's make your journey ahead enjoyable

What we think of ourselves reflects our emotional pain, triumph, or trauma. When we have heart problems, we see a cardiologist, when have back pain, we see a doctor, but who do we see when our heart hurts? Who do we see when we have a hard time looking at ourselves in the mirror because of our relationship with ourselves?


 Thank you for being here. You are amazing; you are worthy; you are unique. There is no one else like you and that should be embraced and celebrated.

Caregiver Support

Counselling for those in caregiving roles, such as parents, pregnancy partners, health care providers, or in the care of others as an active caregiver.

Caring for yourself through illness

Counselling for those with a new or chronic disease, don’t let your disease define you. Sometimes a diagnosis brings about feelings of shame, doubt, guilt, and denial.

Relationship Conflict

Counselling for those going through divorce, separation or a relationship with a parent, friend, employer or child that brings about a lot of challenges, emotional pain and feelings of inadequacy.

Are these sessions right for me?

Let's find out! Get into a calm state of reflection and answer the questions honestly to yourself below.


Do I feel powerless or hopeless as a result of my diagnosis?

Do I feel as though I am being punished for something I have done?


Do I feel unsupported from those around me and have difficulty verbalizing what I need?

Do you feel everyone else is having the time of their life and you are just a spectator?


Do you feel there is more that you could be doing to live a meaningful and happier life?


Do you find interacting with friends and the people you love most to be exhausting?

If you answered yes to one or more of these questions above, these sessions can change your life.

How it works

See FAQ section below for more details

60 minutes

1-on-1, in our comfortable office

virtual sessions available

flexible scheduling


Book a session

It's time for some powerful relief and empowerment.

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Thank you for your request. We will be in touch within 2 business days to schedule your session.

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