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Don't waste another precious second, joy awaits your journey

What we think of ourselves reflects our emotional pain, triumph, or trauma. When we have heart problems, we see a cardiologist, when have back pain, we see a doctor, but who do we see when our heart hurts? Who do we see when we have a hard time looking at ourselves in the mirror because of our relationship with ourselves?

Caregiver Support

Counselling for those in caregiving roles, such as parents, pregnancy partners, health care providers, or in the care of others as an active caregiver.

Illness Support

Counselling for those with a new or chronic disease, don’t let your disease define you. Sometimes a diagnosis brings about feelings of shame, doubt, guilt, and denial.

Relationship Conflict

Counselling for those going through divorce, separation or a relationship with a parent, friend, employer or child that brings about a lot of challenges, emotional pain and feelings of inadequacy.

Will these sessions help me?

Let's do a small quiz together. Get into a calm state of reflection and when you are ready, ask and answer the questions to yourself below.

Question #1

Do I feel powerless or hopeless as a result of my diagnosis?

Question #2
Do I feel as though I am being punished for something I have done?

Question #3

Do I feel unsupported from those around me and have difficulty verbalizing what I need?

Question #4
Do I feel everyone else is having the time of their life and I'm just a spectator?

Question #5

Do I feel there is more that I could be doing to live a meaningful and happier life?

Question #6

Do I find interacting with my friends and the people I love most to be exhausting?



If you answered yes to at least one of these questions, we're a great fit and best of all... these sessions can truly change your life.


See FAQ section below for more details

60 minutes

1-on-1, in our comfortable office

virtual sessions available

flexible scheduling

 Thank you for being here. It's an honor to be welcomed into your journey.

You are amazing; you are worthy; you are unique. There is no one else like you and that should be embraced and celebrated.


  • How long does the process take?
    Each person is different, once we’ve accomplished your goals for therapy, there is no need to continue unless more goals are created.
  • When will I see results?
    Clients typically begin to feel better after 4 weeks of making a change and this will only improve with time. Results do vary; however, we will use an evaluative method so you can see concrete results in how you are feeling so we can compare results as time goes by.
  • Can I see you in office?
    Yes, however, during the COVID-19 pandemic, rules are forever changing. Though individuals living with lupus are not more vulnerable to COVID -19, they are at an increased risk for complications should they get infected. We offer both in-person assessments and access to a secure video conferencing platform for those that would prefer it. Please call our office or contact us by email to make an appointment.
  • I am worried about my fertility and want to plan my future pregnancy. Can you help me with this?
    Yes. Women who live with lupus are more likely to trigger a flare up in pregnancy. As a woman who has had two low risk pregnancies while being closely monitored for flare-ups and possible complications, I can assist you in preparing your body for pregnancy in remaining healthy and symptom free during your pregnancy. Every pregnancy is different, let me help you prepare to be your best you in pregnancy!
  • I have a good plan going right now, but would like your feedback on what I could be optimizing. Do you offer consultations without are comprehensive care plan?"
    Yes, however it can be difficult to provide good feedback without all of the information to make a comprehensive overview. That being said, I am always willing to help, in whatever capacity I can. Let’s talk it over and see how I can help.
  • Do you offer this service in other languages?
    Yes! French is an option for those who prefer it over English.

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